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Pristine Rehab Care is a fast growing organization providing qualified, bi-lingual, health care professionals all over USA, including speech therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy at various settings. Our Therapists come from multi-cultural backgrounds and are able to service in several languages.

Pristine Rehab Care also provides best healthcare professionals for Schools, and several Regional Centers in Southern California for Early Intervention. As an organization we believe in professionalism and commitment in providing high quality services to our clients.

We equip our facilities with state of the art materials, and supplies for providing exceptional speech and language therapy services. Using play-based approach and ongoing family involvement, our therapists thrive to design and implement excellent intervention program to best meet your child's communication demands.
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125 Speech Language Pathologist Full-Time Apply
124 Speech Language Pathologists Full-Time Apply
123 Occupational Therapists Full-Time Apply
122 Occupational Therapists Full-Time Apply
121 Occupational Therapists Full-Time Apply
120 Occupational Therapists Full-Time Apply
119 Speech Language Pathologist Full-Time Apply
118 Speech Language Pathologist Full-Time Apply
117 Speech Language Pathologist Full-Time Apply
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