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Occupational Therapists (Diamond Bar, CA):

Conduct evaluation using interviews, observations and assessment tolls such as Brigance Diagnostic Inventory for Early Development. Sensory Integration Inventory-Revised (SII-R), Beery-Buktenica Developmental Test for VMI, Sensory Performance Measure, Erdhart Developmental Prehension Assessment-Revised (EDPA-R), Social Skills Checklist and other informal scales developed by different therapists on pediatric patients with various developmental conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Mental Retardation, Other Health Impairment and Down Syndrome. Design individualized treatment plans and goals for clients. Implement intervention strategies such as Behavior Modification Techniques (BMTs), Sensory Integration techniques and desensitization to clients with occupational therapy concerns. Provide functional gross motor skills training which includes ball skills, jumping and running, coordination of both sides of the body, balancing and motor planning; fine motor skills training which include finger and hand strengthening, positioning and stability, pencil and grip control, wrist and forearm control, copying of shapes, dexterity and speed and finger isolated movements like skills training which includes self-help skills (feeding, dressing). Provide social skills training in individual and group format to develop cooperative play, self concept and improve other skills such as attention, listening and ability to follow directions. Provide handwriting skills training through the use of treatment programs such as Handwriting without Tears. Prepare attendance and daily progress notes. Coordinate with other team members (e.g. parents, special education teachers, speech therapists, behavior therapists, physical therapists, physical therapist, psychologist and other members of the IEP team) regarding management for problem areas. Attend IEP meetings and discuss present levels and goals for patient. In lieu of a Bachelor’s Degree or foreign equivalent in Occupational Therapy or related, the employer will accept two (2) additional years of work experience.
Travel/relocation required as jobs to be performed at various unanticipated locations throughout California. California license required.

EDUCATION : Master's Degree in Occupational Therapy or related.

EXPERIENCE : 5 years as Occupational Therapist or related.

Mail resume to:
Pristine Rehab Care, LLC,
706-B N. Diamond Bar Blvd,
Diamond Bar, CA 91765.
Fax resumes to: 909-396-9900.

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